Advertise your marketing asset, increase awareness and generate leads with a Content Marketing Partnership

Our Content Marketing Partnership packages provide a range of options to advertise your marketing product or service to our membership base of 150,000+ members in over 170 countries worldwide. From email and social media to events and webinars, a Partnership offers a variety of opportunities to promote your content asset and generate leads in your business.

What is a Content Marketing Partnership?

Sharing knowledge and improving our members’ digital marketing skills is our goal, and Partnerships are a key part of this.

Working closely alongside your existing strategy, a Content Marketing Partnership will allow you to promote a specific asset to our membership base.

We already work with marketing technology platform vendors from across a wide range of sectors including customer experience management, Ecommerce, marketing automation and both email and social media marketing.

Our database of 150,000+ members offers huge potential to generate leads for your business because our members are always looking for new ways to upskill their digital marketing.

Generate leads and increase awareness by choosing one or more of the following content promotion formats

Targeted Email

Emails can be sent globally or by region, providing leads and generating interest in your content asset by promoting it to our database. Our global campaigns are also segmented by region and timezone so that Partner emails reach inboxes at peak times across the world.

The team will then provide an in-depth report following the campaign, which will give you a detailed summary of the campaign's results.

Co-created Content

We design and manage unique, co-branded research and best practice reports to generate awareness of your brand through targeted Lead Generation Campaigns.

Alongside your team, we will co-write a lead generation resource (white paper, e-book or downloadable report) specifically tailored to your target audience and business objectives. We then help you to maximize the leads generated by promoting the specific content asset.


In collaboration with our Partners, we regularly produce and host co-branded webinars as part of their lead generation campaign, centred around a particular content asset of yours.

The co-hosted webinar can be actively promoted in our newsletter to further encourage registrations. You will also have access to registrant data, meaning that you can turn webinar registrations into qualified leads for your business.

Specialist Speakers

Hire our co-founder, Dr Dave Chaffey, or one of our digital marketing specialists to speak at one of your events, conferences or smaller workshops and seminars.

Dr Dave Chaffey has spoken at events across the UK and Europe and consulted for companies worldwide.

Contact us to discuss a Content Marketing Partnership

We'll be in touch to arrange a no-obligation chat about your requirements, and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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